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12 Investing Questions You Should Be Able To Answer

Investing can be a funny business. Between all the jargon, numbers and analysis that typically go hand in hand with investing, it’s no surprise that many Americans end up confused. For example, a 2015 TIAA-CREF survey found that more than half of investors zero in on short-term performance when evaluating an investment’s returns. (Advisors recommend taking a broader look at long-term performance.) And 53 percent believe that higher risk guarantees higher returns. (Spoiler alert: Nope.) Acting on misconceptions like these can wreak havoc on your portfolio.

So to help clear up the confusion, we’ve got answers to some of the most important investing questions you need to know—from how to pick a stock to what to do when the market suddenly drops. Do you know how to answer these?

Find out below!

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A Simple Investment Strategy To Crush Your Goals

For those of you just starting out in investing, you may be asking yourself “Where do I even start”. You may not have heard of “dollar-cost averaging,” but there’s a good chance you’re already using that method to invest. And that’s a good thing!

It can reduce the average price you pay per share when you invest in the stock market.

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Should You Pay For An Expensive Real Estate Course?

For anyone who is interested in Real Estate, there is no doubt, you have seen expensive coaching and training programs advertised on TV, the internet, even the newspaper. Real estate gurus who claim to be able to teach you to become filthy rich through real estate investing. Is this real? Can you really learn from these guys? Continue reading “Should You Pay For An Expensive Real Estate Course?”

Will a High Income Help Avoid Living Paycheck to Paycheck?

For most of us, we never really grew up with more money than we can spend. With all the shows and things you read on the internet, it’s hard not to get caught up in the thick of it all. We all want to go on nice vacations, have nice cars and houses and to live freely and not work. Am I right? Continue reading “Will a High Income Help Avoid Living Paycheck to Paycheck?”

Millennials: How to Win With Money

Millennials are the next generation to take the world by storm, and they are next up to bat. Starting in 2017, they are going to have more buying power than all other generations. They are the most diverse, educated, populous, and now in debt generation of all time. Millennials are defined as being between 18 – 34 years old in 2015 or having been born between the early 1980s to the late 1990s. I am by definition a Millennial (1992), however, I wanted to get a take on Millennial life and the 411 on Millennials and Money (see what I just did there….you’re welcome) from someone who knows best. I went out and found none other than the Millennial Money Man to give you the top 5 concepts all Millennials must know about to win in life and money.  Continue reading “Millennials: How to Win With Money”

Tips For Millennials Interested in Real Estate

There are more ways than one when it comes to investing in real estate and many people are taking different routes depending on their job, credit score, financial history, etc. However, there are always some key principles that every investor should follow no matter what path they take. This will be especially crucial when they are new to investing.

Below you will find a few ways that you can start preparing for your first real estate investment.  Continue reading “Tips For Millennials Interested in Real Estate”

Don’t Know Where to Start as a Newbie Investor? Check This Out!

Hi Everyone,

Sorry for the lack of posting of late. I’ve been pretty occupied with the online sales I’m doing and I also just got my real estate license! Now don’t worry. I didn’t just start in real estate. I’ve already been versed in the areas of home loans, remodel/construction and buy/hold opportunities. So feel free to reach out with any questions. Continue reading “Don’t Know Where to Start as a Newbie Investor? Check This Out!”

5 Money Mistakes Hurting Your Net Worth

We measure ourselves against our peers, probably in more ways than we can count. However comparing each other financially seems to stick out among the rest, whether it be cars, houses, vacations, you name it.

It’s unbelievably easy to make one’s life look amazing through the power of social media, and it can really create a distorted reality for young folks such as us to chase. Continue reading “5 Money Mistakes Hurting Your Net Worth”

The 7 Essential Lessons You Must Learn About Money and Life

Over the past few months, since I’ve created this site I’ve talked about various things about budgeting, traveling, life tips and overall smartness to creating a secure financial future. Continue reading “The 7 Essential Lessons You Must Learn About Money and Life”

Is it Possible to Have Interesting, Lucrative Work?

“I would like to improve my finances, but I don’t want to be a cheapskate, and I don’t know how to earn more.”

“I guess I could get a side job, but I don’t want to mow lawns or wait tables. I barely have time for myself, I don’t have time to start a side business.” Continue reading “Is it Possible to Have Interesting, Lucrative Work?”

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