Welcome Financial Newbie!

Here you will find tips, tricks, and all you need to know about learning and becoming smarter with your money!

The Newbie Investor was created as a way to make sense of the least talked about subjects as a young adult; our money. It may not be as glamorous as talking about last night’s football game but quite arguably this is one of the most important topics we deal with in our daily lives. Why not talk about it?

My goal is to get the younger generation to truly take an interest in their finances and pay attention to what they’re doing while not being put to sleep in the process. 

I won’t pitch my vast experience and knowledge, though I do tend to read a lot… No, I’m just like you. A 24-year-old graduated college student trying to make his way in life. I’ve worked and been in more jobs than most people my age. Hoping from one thing to another, even starting a few of my own companies and buying my first rental property. Not only will you be learning along the way, but I will too! The majority of these posts will be from personal experience or from the vast amount of articles and books I read up on during my down time.

I won’t waste your time by delivering advice you can find on any website. We are all real people with tons of responsibilities, but maybe, just maybe you’ll find these articles interesting enough to come back again and again.

I look forward to learning together!



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