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Is it Possible to Have Interesting, Lucrative Work?

“I would like to improve my finances, but I don’t want to be a cheapskate, and I don’t know how to earn more.”

“I guess I could get a side job, but I don’t want to mow lawns or wait tables. I barely have time for myself, I don’t have time to start a side business.” Continue reading “Is it Possible to Have Interesting, Lucrative Work?”

Signs You’re Ready To Be An Entrepreneur


It seems one of the most common questions I get asked when I┬áhaven’t seen someone for a while is “How’s work”. Almost every time my answer was always “meh”, “same old same old” or “I hate it with a fiery burning passion”.

I will never forget the first time I started my own businesses, attempted some side jobs and even starting this blog. It gave me a sense of freedom that I never felt while I had my other jobs. Continue reading “Signs You’re Ready To Be An Entrepreneur”

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