Was there ever a time where you know there’s something you should be doing with your money but you have trouble actually doing it?

Have you ever wondered why?

Why don’t you have more money saved? Why aren’t you as rich as you want to be? What about all this debt?

However, I believe there are other factors at play and your money decisions are not based solely on what you know.

More so, I think it’s based on your environment and how you feel. Below are just a few things that can affect your relationship with money.

1. Status

Money is a status symbol. If you have money, you automatically appear more powerful and appealing to other people. Who doesn’t want to be liked on some basic level? But if you get caught up in “keeping up with the Joneses” you will make your life much harder than it needs to be.

2. Security

We think we are safer and have fewer fears when we have more money. It provides us with a sense of security, doesn’t it? Everyone naturally wishes they had more money. After all, it solves everyone’s problems right…?

The need and want to earn enough money to feel secure can often have us constantly thinking about money. To overcome this, think about your worse case scenario and figure out its ending. Often times the worse case scenario isn’t actually as bad as it seems.

3. Success

Money is one form of measurement on your way to success. However, it’s just like a report card. It only measures the financial success you have had and nothing else.

But, we often view money as more than that. We view it as a measure of worth. Lucky for us, money is not a measurement of how successful we are as a people and it doesn’t make you good, nor does it make you bad.

4. Stress

Money can be stressful, we all know it. Especially if you don’t have enough of it. The stresses of trying to change or maintain a certain standard of living or financial reality can often be very extreme.

5. Satisfaction

Money is satisfying. There is satisfaction in having the resources to live the life you want for yourself. If you’re living paycheck to paycheck or even not making ends meet then you can feel unsatisfied or even a failure.

The key to overcoming this is knowing that money isn’t everything. It’s important to not always rely on money and disconnect your personal worth from it.

6. Selfishness

Money can often make us think we deserve things. We rationalize success by saying we deserve the money we’re making.

Now, we may deserve it or we may not. But either way, it’s not good or healthy to associate your money with “deserving” to make it. The result is simply entitlement.

Lots of people deserve lots of things. Some rich deserve to be poor and some broke deserve to be rich. Making money is not a reflection of what you deserve – it’s simply something that you’ve found a way to get (whether by working, making a company, or selling things online). Money doesn’t and shouldn’t define who you are.

What Can You Do?

Money can affect everyone in numerous different ways. However, awareness can help one stay focused on their financial goals and help to implement and stick to supportive financial habits.

There may be other ways that many can affect you, the point is to recognize how you think and feel about money so you know why you’re making the decisions that you do.

It’s known all too well that people make financial decisions based on how they feel. But now that you know this, really think about your feelings during your next big financial decision. You may learn more about yourself in this process than you think.

Which one of these factors affects you the most?

Good Luck, Newbies

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