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Millennials: What You Spend Eating Out…

Just get that fancy latte with the siren on it? How about that fancy hormone free burrito? Prepare yourself. You’re in for a wild ride. (not really, but PAY ATTENTION)

Everyone does it, I do it more frequently than I should. Even our parents and grandparents do it. Continue reading “Millennials: What You Spend Eating Out…”

Signs You’re Ready To Be An Entrepreneur


It seems one of the most common questions I get asked when I haven’t seen someone for a while is “How’s work”. Almost every time my answer was always “meh”, “same old same old” or “I hate it with a fiery burning passion”.

I will never forget the first time I started my own businesses, attempted some side jobs and even starting this blog. It gave me a sense of freedom that I never felt while I had my other jobs. Continue reading “Signs You’re Ready To Be An Entrepreneur”

Investments 101: The Basics For Millennials

baby-sitting-holding-money-shockedFor a large majority of us, we were never really taught the basics of saving and investing our money. If you’re anything like the large majority of us who are now paying student loan debt, or any other kind of loan debt – I get it.  Continue reading “Investments 101: The Basics For Millennials”

Baby Steps For Young Investors: Mutual Funds and ETFs

Starting out as an investor can be overwhelming to say the least and can sometimes almost feel surreal. A majority of people simply store whatever money they have for retirement in a 401k and they neglect to save in different areas to optimize their dividends and capital gains. Continue reading “Baby Steps For Young Investors: Mutual Funds and ETFs”

One Simple Trick To Save More Money

Spend less, save more. Earn more, still spend less. In a nutshell these are the two basic ways you’re going to get advice on how to build wealth.

Nowadays, a large majority of the way we spend money is now automated. With automatic deposits and withdrawals from our paycheck and bank account it has made it easier than ever to save more easily. No longer do people have an excuse to fall into spending too much and using the “whoops – spent too much this month and can’t afford to save again” excuse. Continue reading “One Simple Trick To Save More Money”

Should You Invest Or Pay Off Student Loan Debt?

Of all the questions asked, our generation seems to have this question more often than anything else. The funny thing is that most people usually already know or have a strong opinion about what they want to do. Maybe they just want me to prove them wrong? Continue reading “Should You Invest Or Pay Off Student Loan Debt?”

If You Wouldn’t Drive Without A Seatbelt, Don’t Go Without One Of These

Remember your first job? After spending countless hours slaving away ringing up customers or mopping up floors, it probably felt pretty darn nice come paycheck time. Those numbers represented your work paying off with real money.

If you were anything like me, you couldn’t wait to cash that check and spend it all on something you probably didn’t really need. Continue reading “If You Wouldn’t Drive Without A Seatbelt, Don’t Go Without One Of These”

How To Make A Budget When You Hate Budgeting

For anyone that currently knows me, they know I’m generally quite good when it comes to money. I always know about all these coupons, ways to get discounts to save and always seem to have advice for people’s money problems.

But you know, I wasn’t always that way. One thing that is said to be critical when talking about finances? Have a budget… I used to hate budgeting. Continue reading “How To Make A Budget When You Hate Budgeting”

Credit Unions vs Banks: Where Should You Put Your Money?

The numbers of options for consumers seeking financial services and advice has grown significantly in recent years. With things popping up like robo-advisors, crowdfunding, and online-only banks how does one choose where to use and put their money? Continue reading “Credit Unions vs Banks: Where Should You Put Your Money?”

Defined By What You Wear – 5 Ways Buying Things Won’t Make You Happy

I know a certain someone: that someone has amassed a shoe collection spanning two walls and a closet. Somewhere to the tune of over 80 pairs of shoes.That’s basically saying you wear one pair of shoes 4 times a year. Not to mention the countless dress socks that could fill a bathtub. I won’t say who but that person buys more clothes in one month than I probably do in a year. Continue reading “Defined By What You Wear – 5 Ways Buying Things Won’t Make You Happy”

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