I’m sure many of you would jump at the chance to buy that adorable little ball of fur up above.

Don’t deny it. I know you would.

Before you go making such a big decision, let’s go deeper and look at what things really cost.


Below you will find a nifty legend from Creditloan.com that entails the costs as found by the ASPCA and PetFinder.


As you can see above, the different costs for owning a pet are listed above. Each icon represents the dollar amount listed. In the following images will show (in icons) what the typical pet will cost per year and then give an overall lifetime cost.



As you can see, dogs in general aren’t an inexpensive pet to own. Even a small dog can carry a cost upwards of almost $6,000 over the course of their lifetime. Keep in mind that all of these costs are provided that they don’t have any serious health problems as they get older. In many cases, our beloved pets will eventually come prone to certain diseases and illnesses as they age which can also run in the thousands of dollars.


You may be saying to yourself “Self! I might as well just get a cat… They’re low maintenance and easy to care for”. Not so fast, cats often require liter, litter boxes, toys and food. They are small so don’t require much but with the long lifespan of cats you are looking at $7,640 over the lifetime of your car. Is that too much to be ignored? That’s your decision.

Other (less common) pets

other animals.jpg

Thought these other animals would be less didn’t you? After all, they don’t require the maintenance, care and attention that your beloved cat or dog require right?


Rabbits are actually very popular pets. They are soft, fluffy and tasty. Just kidding on that last part… While cute, they are also expensive. They eat a lot of often require special litter. On top of all that, if you let them roam around your house you may need new carpet every few years.

Guinea Pigs

If you want something smaller, many people choose guinea pigs. Though they may not appear to cost that much, in reality they cost quite a bit! With a majority of their costs for the year coming as new litter, you can expect to pay around $565/year. With a total lifetime cost of around $3,000 it won’t exactly break the bank, but it’s still not cheap for their short life span.


I almost fainted a little when I found out how long cockatoos can live, never mind how expensive they can be. They are smart and indeed beautiful. However with their long life these birds  can cost you quite a hefty sum.

However if you still love your birds and want to retire at a decent age, a smaller bird may be the way to go. With the average life span of a bird being around 10 years you can expect to pay around $1,000. That’s considerably less than your coffee habit, and it won’t add to your waistline. 🙂


The best for last? There is indeed a cheaper pet. You will even have more money left over for your other expenses! Over 10 years you can expect to pay around $500 for your little fish friend. They won’t ruin the carpet, demands hours of attention or asked to be scratched behind the ears. Maybe fish aren’t so bad after all.

But really…

Anybody that knows me knows I love my pets. I have my own white little furry friend. The purpose of this article was for you to evaluate and really look at if you can take care of another life besides your own. Owning a pet is no easy task and if you plan on taking on something as big as a pet, you better be sure you can take care of it. Animals of every kind are often dropped off or let go every day because people simple can’t afford to take care of them anymore.

Pets are an integral part in our lives. Some will often put no price on their furry friends. However for those of you who have yet to make the leap… Make sure before you make the decision you really evaluate if you can afford your next loving addition to the family.

Good Luck, Newbies


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