According to an article recently posted by Forbes, workers in the U.S left 169 million paid unused vacation days in 2015.

To average it out, it came out to around $52.4 billion or about $504 per worker in unused vacation days they won’t get back. This is part in fact due to some policies that don’t allow rollover vacation days.

Another interesting statistic? According to Skift, 42% of Americans didn’t even take any vacation in 2014.

An interesting thing to ponder right? I never knew you guys loved your jobs that much… In all seriousness, those in the United States already work far more than the average person in other countries around the globe, coupled with the fact that we also receive fewer vacation days in the first place. This should be changed right?

Luckily for me, I take every vacation day I have. I’m not leaving free money on the table! However, my thoughts clearly didn’t reflect everyone else. Some thought people would think they hate their job or was even taking advantage of the company’s vacation policy.

Just think how much happier you might be knowing you could do whatever you want on your day off and still get paid?

You most likely aren’t jeopardizing  your careerwork-sucks-7

According to a report published by Oxford Economics, employees felt that unused vacation days equaled a higher chance of receiving a raise or bonus, which is a reason why many workers leave unused vacation days on the table.

According to this report, it was actually the exact opposite – those who left many days on the table were actually less likely to receive a bonus than those who took all of their paid vacation days. The only thing employees gain by being tied to the office is stress. There was a clear correlation between those who have more unused PTO days and those who reported feeling “very” or “extremely” stressed at work.

You don’t have to go broke taking time off.staycation

One reason many workers give for why they don’t take all of their vacation days is because they don’t think they can afford to go anywhere.

Well, who said that you had to go somewhere when you take a vacation day?! There is no weird vacation policy rule that says you must leave your city in order to take your vacation.

Instead of spending a ton of money, you could take a staycation instead. Enjoy the city you live in, stay at home and just relax. There is nothing wrong with that.

Or, you could churn credit cards so that you can go on very cheap or even free vacations.

You deserve the vacation time.

You were given the vacation days you have for a reason – because you deserve them!vacation_sign

A company has a vacation policy for a reason – so that employees can take time off occasionally because it is often what is best for both the company and the employee.

By not taking all of the vacation days you are given, you are actually throwing money away since you are technically working for free on those days.

You’re hurting your health by leaving unused vacation days.vacation-couple.jpg

By working all the time and taking no vacation days, you are hurting your health. You are more likely to be sick, have heart disease, be depressed, be unfit, and more.

Taking all of your vacation days can help improve your health, plus you can have fun, so why not start taking all of your vacation days?

Do you ever leave vacation on the table unused? Why or why not?

Good Luck, Newbies

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