As a growing millennial, there are fewer social customs that can frighten themselves more than dealing with the end-of-the-meal check. We were at a nice low key sushi joint in downtown Seattle. However with all places nowadays we are faced with ever soaring prices. Prices that would bring my grandma to tears.

Can’t go wrong with sushi

Now when one is only working a few hours here and there, every frugally minded college student would look to check and see what they want beforehand right? No? Maybe that was just me. I went to dinner prepared for a $15 all in meal, tax and tip included plus an extra $6-7 for the birthday boy = $21-22.

Wouldn’t it be nice if people fought over the check?

When it came to to pay the bill, some members at the table declared we should all split the bill. In the back of my mind, I felt a panic attack come on. Everyone else’s meals’s were almost double mine and they had ordered drinks as well. Now under most circumstances, most millennials would suck it up and swallow their pride over a few dollars. But lets face it, we are in a phase in our lives where every dollar counts (aka, late night taco bell runs).

Now what does one do to fix this? The simple solution? “There’s an app for that”

Trust me, I’m the generation that practically invented this saying. I can use it every once and awhile.

Let’s dive deeper

Problem Solver #1’s advice: Each person can do their own math
Millennials reaction: It never fails, one person will pay for their meal and always forget about tax and tip. A collective mental game of Clue will then commence to pinpoint the scrooge who won’t be invited to dinner again.

Problem Solver #2’s advice: Share it evenly
Millennials reaction: At least one person may unknowingly take advantage and order drinks upon drinks or appetizers, followed by an entree and dessert. One person didn’t get the memo and the other ordered the cheapest options. If you’re lucky it won’t end in a wild west shootout.

Problem Solver #3’s advice: Appoint someone to determine the share
Millennials reaction: Just a heads-up if you majored in anything business or math related, you will be said person. Lucky you!

In all fairness, what I said earlier did have some validity and there are now plenty of apps out there more than capable of splitting the check. Plus who really needs more than one form of payment when we have payment forms such as Venmo and Paypal?

If you ever do find yourself in this situation, don’t be afraid to speak up! You, your finances as well as a few others will secretly thank you.

Good Luck, Newbies

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