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Spend Your Money Like A Millionaire

Did I peak your interest? I can see you shaking your head over there. Hear me out though and learn more about the habits of millionaires! Continue reading “Spend Your Money Like A Millionaire”

Empty Wallet? Blame Retail Sales Tricks

Retail sales tricks are utilized all throughout the year and knowing the various ways retailers do this will help keep more money in your pocket. Continue reading “Empty Wallet? Blame Retail Sales Tricks”

Birthday Freebies You Can’t Afford To Miss!

Pretty soon I will be turning the big 2 5, scary right? Soon I will have tons of emails flooding my inbox with all kinds of birthday freebies. I love free birthday stuff, and I’m sure you do too!

Continue reading “Birthday Freebies You Can’t Afford To Miss!”

7 Habits To Save Money FAST

Saving money. To many, this topic doesn’t come naturally. Luckily I’d like to think I’ve become quite adept at saving. Continue reading “7 Habits To Save Money FAST”

One Simple Trick To Save More Money

Spend less, save more. Earn more, still spend less. In a nutshell these are the two basic ways you’re going to get advice on how to build wealth.

Nowadays, a large majority of the way we spend money is now automated. With automatic deposits and withdrawals from our paycheck and bank account it has made it easier than ever to save more easily. No longer do people have an excuse to fall into spending too much and using the “whoops – spent too much this month and can’t afford to save again” excuse. Continue reading “One Simple Trick To Save More Money”

If You Wouldn’t Drive Without A Seatbelt, Don’t Go Without One Of These

Remember your first job? After spending countless hours slaving away ringing up customers or mopping up floors, it probably felt pretty darn nice come paycheck time. Those numbers represented your work paying off with real money.

If you were anything like me, you couldn’t wait to cash that check and spend it all on something you probably didn’t really need. Continue reading “If You Wouldn’t Drive Without A Seatbelt, Don’t Go Without One Of These”

How To Make A Budget When You Hate Budgeting

For anyone that currently knows me, they know I’m generally quite good when it comes to money. I always know about all these coupons, ways to get discounts to save and always seem to have advice for people’s money problems.

But you know, I wasn’t always that way. One thing that is said to be critical when talking about finances? Have a budget… I used to hate budgeting. Continue reading “How To Make A Budget When You Hate Budgeting”

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